Forde-Yard Dash: This Year Will Come as a Surprise for Many

We all wait to hear news about how our favorite college football team is performing in the leagues. After 40 games, Iowa ranks last this season but has made no changes to its team. This year’s league sprung up many surprises and even the die-hard fans can’t hide their surprise.

Atlantic Coast Conference

The Atlantic Coast Conference ACC is one of the biggest college sports conferences in the US. It holds a record of 19-4 and has eight teams that are the absolute best. In the previous year, only five teams could reach 2-0. But this year, more teams managed to qualify. The famous quarterback of Wake Forest, Sam Hartman, is back and is ready to give his best.


This football team has finally managed to break its losing streak. They started their 2-0 journey under the guidance of Mike Elko, who used to be a defensive coordinator at Texas A&M. Their next game this year will be against FCS North Carolina A&T, and they’re expected to head to Kansas in September.

Florida State

Yes, the team nearly ruined their sure-shot victory against LSU in the very last minute and the tally of the last few seasons might not be the best. However, their quarterback, Jordan Travis, is back in form and is ready to rock the field and win a few games for his team.

State of Washington

The State of Washington is off to an energetic start with their first 2-0 in the last five years. The team also shows that teamwork is the key to success. Not only did their quarterback Michael Penix Jr. do an amazing job on the field, but their coach Jake Dickert trained his players well, too.