Joe Burrow Talks About His Best Attribute as a Football Player

Joe Burrow is a quarterback for Louisiana State University and is the possible No.1 overall draft pick in the NFL. So far, in his football career, he’s won the Heisman Trophy, Manning Award, and the Davey O’Brien Award. It’s known that he can do everything pretty well, but what exactly does he do best?

Joe Burrow Talks About His Accuracy

Joe Burrow LSU Tigers Football - Louisiana State Quarterback
Joe Burrow Talks About His Best Attribute as a Football Player

When interviewed by Pro Football Talk PM, Joe mentioned that his accuracy was his best attribute. He talked about how he’d always been an accurate quarterback going back to his high school days. Joe Burrow also noted that it’s something that he prided himself on.

During his junior year, Joe completed 57% of his balls, which frustrated him a lot back then. He had always prided himself on completing a rather high percentage of his passes, and there were many reasons why that number was so low. The biggest reason was that his accuracy was off.

He worked incredibly hard to get on his feet and reset as fast as he could in plays to try again. Burrows said that he thought that’s what helped him improve his accuracy this year.

Practice Made a Big Difference

Joe Burrow passing
Joe Burrow Talks About His Best Attribute as a Football Player

After aggressively practicing and working on his accuracy, Joe Burrow believed that it made a huge difference. He went from a 57.8% completion in his first year at LSU to a 76.3% completion in his final season.

The volume of his throws was greater. In 2018, Burrow threw a total of 379 passes and completed 219 of them. In 2019, out of 527 throws, he managed to complete 402 of them.

As he continued to play, Joe Burrow’s yard per attempt also increased. It went from 7.6 to 10.8 while his passing yards almost doubled as they went from 2,894 to 5,671. His touchdown passes also dramatically increased from 16 to 60. On the other hand, his interceptions increased by only one – from five to six, which is also impressive.