Kit Harington Discusses Rumored GoT Spin-Off About Jon Snow

Kit Harington isn’t ready to give anything away regarding the future of his iconic character Jon Snow from Game of Thrones. During a recent episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the host asked Harington about the validity of a rumor surrounding a possible spin-off series of GoT, centering on Jon Snow. The actor’s reaction left fans wondering!

The Answer

While asked the question by host Jimmy Fallon, Kit Harington, 36, first smiled and scratched his ear and then asked Fallon if he would want to have a spin-off show on Jon Snow. The rumor started to spread in June 2022 after The Hollywood Reporter revealed that a sequel spin-off series about Jon Snow was in early development. Although Harington remained tight-lipped about any possible reprisal of his iconic role, he might have lightly teased the planned series while telling Fallon that he couldn’t say anything about it.


Amusing the fans, Kit Harington went on a light-hearted route to discuss the topic. He jokingly admitted that the only reason he would consider doing a Jon Snow-centric GoT spin-off is to get more public attention. Cheekily, the actor revealed that it hurts his ego when he gets a little less recognized on the streets nowadays. He also teased that he’s even pretty close to putting on some fur to resemble the look of Jon Snow in public. Harington then hilariously continued by saying that he would agree to do the highly anticipated spin-off the day he’d get asked to sign a low number of photos. Joining Kit Harington, host Jimmy Fallon quickly requested Harington’s fans to stop asking him to sign a photo for the next two days, so that they all can get a definite answer by the following Monday, making Harington finally ready to do the Jon Snow spin-off! A great plan indeed!

All About Women’s History Month and the History Behind It

Women’s History Month takes place every March. It’s a month-long celebration that pays ode to the many contributions of history-making women in the world. People in the United States and all around the world celebrate the numerous women’s accomplishments and contributions. This isn’t just something that was made up. There is some history behind it.

women profiles of all colorsHow Did Women’s History Month Begin?

What started the celebration was International Women’s Day, which commemorated the meeting between socialists and suffragists that took place on February 28, 1909, in Manhattan, NY.

On March 8, 1910, Clara Zetkin, a German activist, suggested that International Women’s Day be recognized in Copenhagen at an International Conference of Working Women. All 17 countries in attendance agreed.

On March 8, 1911, Austra, Switzerland, Denmark, and Germany celebrated their first International Women’s Day. In the U.S., International Women’s Day wasn’t officially celebrated until 1975 when the United Nations began sponsoring it.

In 1977, the state of California passed Title IX which created Women’s History Week. That’s when they celebrated the many women’s accomplishments. In March of 1980, Present Jimmy Carter officially declared March 8th to be the start of National Women’s History Week.

In 1987, Congress declared that the entire month of March to be Women’s History Month.

Why Is It Celebrated?

Women’s History Month is celebrated to remind people of the accomplishments of women over the years in our society and culture Women’s History Month is celebrated to remind people of the accomplishments of women over the years in our society and culture. These accomplishments range from politics to science. It’s an opportunity to reflect on the many trailblazing women that lead the way for change.

There are key dates to keep in mind that take place during Women’s History Month. These include:

  • March 1, 1972: The first Women’s History Week was started
  • March 3, 1913: The first big march on Washington by suffragists
  • March 8th: International Women’s Day
  • March 22, 1972: The U.S. Senate passed The Equal Rights Amendment